Creating a Community of Men Through Storytelling

The men in this community are all professional storytellers. They were the subjects of Ray Gray documentary film, "Brothers In Word", in 2002.

When you hear your story spoken from someone else’s heart, you are redeemed. The Rogues have experienced this miracle in their community for more than twenty years. This performance shares the kind of stories the men tell each other; stories of relationships among themselves, stories of family and home, stories of spiritual adventures around the world.

The Rogues have performed at the National Storytelling Conference and small theaters in the Philadelphia area. Most recently they presented a series of "home concerts" to raise money to rebuild the home of one of their members who lost his in a fire.

Milt Cohen: For the past thirty years Milt has been a professional storyteller who specializes in stories drawn from the Jewish culture, both past and present.

Ted Fink: Stories are drawn from his eclectic life. Ted is a storyteller, writer, singer-songwriter, actor, teacher, businessman, baseball coach, real estate developer, parent and husband.

Ray Gray: In the past he told stories to school children for thirty-five years. Presently he is working on stories for the last third of life.

Dick Humphreys: Builds community, both large and small, often in the woods, using stories, humor, songs and shared experiences.

Bill & David Mettler (Quiet Riot):  They have performed over 4000 performances and workshops for corporate, government and educational audiences. These have included NASA, Al Gore’s staff, Citizens Climate Lobby Conference, IBM, Duke University, and a million school children.

Robin Moore:  Since 1981 he has made a living as an author and   storyteller. He has written more than a dozen books and told stories to over a million people.

Bill Wood: Rostered Artist with the PA Council on the Arts. Bill’s   recordings have won awards from Parents’ Choice Foundation and World Storytelling Awards.

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